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Chemotherapy should consider an “ageing-specific” administration

Chemotherapy should consider an “ageing-specific” administration
Chemotherapy should consider an “ageing-specific” administration

With ageing, the activity of blood stem cell decreases, resulting in impaired hematopoiesis (blood production) and increased susceptibility to leukemia. In their work now published in Nature Cell Biology, the team of Dr. Florian at CMR[B] - IDIBELL investigated how ageing affects the microenvironment which sustains blood stem cell function.

Researchers demonstrated that sinusoidal vessels are critical for preserving the function of blood stem cells in the elderly, and that the chemotherapeutic treatments that destroy these vessels are associated to a lack of hematopoietic recovery and a higher death rate on ageing.

Collectively, their findings show that the microenvironment can have an impact on blood stem cell function in the elderly, particularly in the context of specific chemotherapeutic interventions.

Moreover, the results imply that any intervention targeting cancer cells should consider an “ageing-specific” administration regimens due to its potentially critical sinusoidal toxicity in the elderly.

Florian’s team findings were highlighted in the cover of the November issue of Nature Cell Biology. The figure shows blood stem cells (red) close to sinusoidal vessels (blue).

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